Practical Optimism

What it is and why I wrote a book about it.
Practical Optimism. It sounds easy, right? A positive outlook with realistic expectations. You might be thinking, “I got this, Dr. Sue. Thanks for the reminder, but I’ll be on my way now.” Well, first, great and you’re welcome. But if you’re here to stay, I’d like to share more about what this concept means and how it’s more of a daily practice – like yoga – than a mindset change.

Practical Optimism isn’t just about having a positive outlook; it is about cultivating behaviors and habits that lead to growth, resilience and success. It is about making conscious decisions that align with our values and goals. It’s a practice that I’ve cultivated with my clients over the course of two decades. I have seen the transformative nature of Practical Optimism (PO) firsthand, and I want to share it with you.

The Incredible Benefits of Practicing Practical Optimism
Optimism goes beyond maintaining a positive outlook; research has shown that optimism contributes to a longer, healthier and more successful life. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t want that.

The success, health and prosperity that optimists enjoy can be attributed to specific habits and having a bevy of healthy psychological resources and coping skills. In my book, Practical Optimism: The Art, Science, and Practice of Exceptional Well-Being, I touch on the learned habits and practices that can help even the most die-hard cynics transform their lives for the better. And while this blog won’t serve as a substitute for the book, it’s here to support you on your journey and in your daily practice.

Why a Book?
So why did I decide to write a book on Practical Optimism? Over the years, the incredible individuals I’ve had the privilege to serve kept posing a familiar question: “Is there a book I could use at home?”

My clients sought a comprehensive guide that would embrace the spectrum of our work together — from mastering the art of best practices and navigating stress with finesse to nurturing resilience, cultivating bonds, embracing positivity, conquering hurdles, and scripting the story of personal and professional triumphs.

And, well, I could use one too. So I wrote it.

What’s next?
If you’ve ever sat in bed wondering, “Is there a small change I could make to find more happiness?” If you’ve questioned the point of doing the same thing, day after day like a robot, only to come home, watch TV and fall asleep on the couch. If you’re tired of putting out one fire after another without time to enjoy your life. Well, PO is for you. I’m here for you.

While the book covers the nuts and bolts of our PO practice and how to use it to transform your life. I’m here for you regularly, right here, on this blog, to support your journey. Hopefully, provide some inspiration, and serve as a regular reminder that you’re worth the work you’re putting in.

I’m Dr. Sue. Welcome to Practical Optimism. I’m so glad you’re here.