Overcoming the Post-Holiday Blues

How to Beat the Slump and Get Back on Track Tis the season to feel moppy. Blah, blah, blah, blah…blah, blah…blah, blah. The joyful holiday season has come and gone, leaving in its wake a phenomenon that many of us are familiar with – the post-holiday blues. Also known as post-holiday depression or holiday blues, […]

In Defense of Laziness

Woman Lounging on Couch.

You Need a Break. So Take One. by Dr. Sue Varma I see you there, methodically navigating your to-do list, orchestrating triumphs over each challenge. Yet, unbeknownst to you, your mental and physical well-being may be yearning for a bit of downtime. According to the American Psychological Association, stress is a formidable adversary to our […]

Mastering the Art of Habits: How to Create Lasting Positive Change

by Dr. Sue Varma The anatomy of a habit is a fascinating journey that begins with intention—a desire to change something. As a psychiatrist, I often witness the profound impact of this journey on individuals striving to enhance their well-being. It’s a journey that any of us can take–and should take–when we are looking to […]

Intrusive thoughts 101

by Dr. Sue Varma Intrusive Thoughts 101: Understanding, Coping, and Seeking Support for the Meany in your Mind Intrusive thoughts – those uninvited, persistent ideas that sneak into our minds – can truly throw us for a loop. Throughout my years as a mental health professional, I’ve had countless conversations with individuals wrestling with these […]

Barbie goes to therapy

I just saw Barbie, and here is what I noticed as a psychiatrist.. When our basic needs for belonging and meaning are challenged -how do we go about rectifying it? So many important themes in Barbie- but here is what stood out to me. I found it interesting how “stereotypical” Barbie experiences her emotions. Stereotypically, […]

Practical Optimism

What it is and why I wrote a book about it. Practical Optimism. It sounds easy, right? A positive outlook with realistic expectations. You might be thinking, “I got this, Dr. Sue. Thanks for the reminder, but I’ll be on my way now.” Well, first, great and you’re welcome. But if you’re here to stay, […]