hi! i’m dr. sue

My mission is to help people achieve optimal mental wellness through simple, yet effective habits.

There is no health without mental health

Working with people with a variety of medical illnesses, I have come to realize that there is no health without mental health. Our emotions, attitudes, and behaviors predict our habits and our habits predict our health. And yet we take our mental health and brain health for granted or may even suffer long durations unnecessarily without seeking help. As a society, we end up spending significant resources on treating illnesses, once the other shoe has dropped, but not even a fraction on preventing them.

Good mental health requires a strong foundation-one built on key habits.

The 4 Ms of Mental Health

For myself, my family, and the patients I’ve worked with, I’ve selected 4 key, science-backed habits that not only promote excellent mental health on their own, but generate enough momentum for other good habits to develop. I call them the “4Ms of mental health”: mindfulness, meaningful engagement, movement, and mastery. (You can learn more about the secrets to making and maintaining good habits in my book, Practical Optimism!)